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NYTimes – 10 New Hot Spots if Summer Needs Sizzle

Check it out, the New York Times just named the gallery I just opened with Kathy Grayson and Meghan Coleman one of the hot spots this summer in NY.


6. Art Zones

With its artist-run apartment galleries and hang-out vibe, the Bushwick section of Brooklyn is the coolest, that is, the most un-Chelsea, art neighborhood in the city. But throw in “new” as a qualifier, as in new this summer, and the nod could go (yet again) to SoHo.

There, Kathy Grayson and Meghan Coleman — directors of Deitch Projects before Jeffrey Deitch closed up shop and left for Los Angeles — opened a gallery of their own last Saturday, one with multiplex potential (cafe, bookstore, dating service). It’s called the Hole and it’s on Greene Street. Ms. Grayson was the force behind the Deitch pop-club-kid aesthetic, which became way too cute too fast, but did briefly generate a quite intense two-block scene.

If the Hole’s season lineup feels leftover Deitchian, the inaugural group show (through Aug. 14) has splashes of anarchy and Ms. Grayson and Ms. Coleman should go with that. But it’s not SoHo’s sole attraction. Artists Space and the Drawing Center both have newish curatorial blood. Far, far to the west, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise is now bigger by half. And Maccarone nearby stays pugnaciously unpredictable.

The Hole, 104 Greene Street (Prince Street), (212) 226-3000, theholenyc.com. — HOLLAND COTTER

See the full article here: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/01/fashion/01summer.html?pagewanted=all

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