Yummy Burgers!

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Yummy, the premiere international design and junk food magazine, loves burgers! They ran a 6-page article on Jeff Vespa’s burgers in issue #3. Check out more on their blog – Yummy blog.

Burgers Make Great Gifts!

Variety just published their annual holiday gift roundup and included my burger photos. You can see the printed version here or check out the web version at: Variety: The Stylephile

“Best in show” By Monica Corcoran, – Tues., Dec. 12, 2006
Show your appreciation with these gifts. You work in show business, kiddo. This season, show your nearest and dearest just how much you appreciate them. These gifts will surely get some applause.

For the size 0 stylist on a diet: Jeff Vespa one-of-a-kind 8×10 Polaroid of a Double-Double, matted and framed in white ($750; JeffVespa.com)

Burgers in the New York Times

The New York Times Sunday Style Magazine published an article on artists who use food as their subject. They included my burger photos along with two other artists.

Published: November 5, 2006
These contemporary artists are becoming known for their fixations with mainstream foods, elevating certain culinary staples into modern-day icons.

As a co-founder of the celebrity-photography agency WireImage, Jeff Vespa has photographed hundreds of celebrities. Now he sidelines in burger portraiture, producing large-format Polaroids of this fast-food staple. “I only do Los Angeles burgers,” says Vespa, who goes on burger runs armed with Tupperware to preserve their shape. He feels it’s worth a few raised eyebrows: “People aren’t looking at the burgers they eat. They don’t sit there and consider the burger.” Go to Jeff Vespa’s Burger Photos

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