Ginnifer Goodwin: One to Watch

Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer Goodwin at home in Hollywood.

Ginnifer Goodwin – Sitting Pretty

For about 10 years, she’s been a standout in supporting roles and ensemble casts — playing Johnny Cash’s ex in Walk the Line, date-challenged Gigi in He’s Just Not That Into You, and, most famously, sunny third wife Margene in HBO’s just-wrapped polygamy drama Big Love. But with her new movie, the romantic comedy Something Borrowed (out May 6), Ginnifer Goodwin, 32, finally emerges as the marquee star. “I’ve definitely never worked so much over the course of shooting — I was in almost every single scene!” Goodwin says, calling from her home in Los Angeles on very little sleep. Being the main attraction, of course, means sticking to an unrelenting, cross-country promotional schedule — but in the days leading up to her movie’s big Hollywood premiere, Goodwin carved out some time for photographer and editor-at-large Jeff Vespa, inviting him inside her home and her glamorous work. Here, exclusive photos of the actress — who reveals her obsession with costar Kate Hudson’s belly, the origins of that coveted pixie haircut, and her unfiltered opinions about the questionable heroine she plays in Something BorrowedCheck out the full gallery on Sophia Loren: Her Beauty Today

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren in Los Angeles.

Sophia Loren Exclusive: A LIFE Legend Today

Of the many celebrities LIFE magazine featured in the 1950s and ’60s, Sophia Loren was a standout and a photographers’ favorite. She was the subject of seven cover stories and countless more inside spreads, always exuding supreme confidence, beauty, elegance, and a passion for la dolce vita. Those enviable qualities famously caught the eye of LIFE lensman Alfred Eisenstaedt decades ago — and today they captivate editor-at-large Jeff Vespa, who had the honor of photographing the actress, still stunning at 76, during her most recent stay in Los Angeles. In the States to visit her sons and to attend an Academy-hosted tribute to her career — she won the Oscar nearly 50 years ago, for her heart-wrenching turn in Two Women — Loren graciously let LIFE into her world once more. . .

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